Seminar on “Transport Management”

Seminar on “Transport Management” was held on January 14, 2021 by Engineering Department in collaboration with Research Center at Kateb University.

This seminar was presented by Professor Hazratullah Paktin, university professor, Engineer Ahmad Jawed Sediqi, traffic and transportation engineer at Ministry of Public Works and Professor Malyar Talash, street designer at Ministry of Public Works and professor at Kateb University.

The seminar was begun by Dr. Morteza Nikzad, Dean of Computer Science and Engineering Faculty. He welcomed all the participants and presenters of the webinar and spoke about the importance of the seminar in the area of road management.

Then, Professor Hazratullah Paktin gave information about the ways of using urban transport and traffic systems in Kabul.

Engineer Ahmad Javed Sediqui talked about traffic engineering and provided useful information about the role of traffic control tools in urban traffic management, major factors and challenges in urban traffic managements, types of roads, road surface markings and traffic signs.

Topics such as development in the transportation network to enhance the capacity of Kabul’s transport networks, road management, road development costs, solutions to road management challenges, traffic congestion factors in cities and mid-term and long-term operational plans to strengthen and grow existing resources were discussed by Engineer Malyar Talash.

At the end of the seminar, lots of related questions to the seminar’s topic were asked by participants which were then responded by the presenters.


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