Working Groups

 Research Working Group
1. Manuscripts Working Group / National or Local research

Preserving, reviving and transferring scientific heritage of the country is one of the academic missions of Scientific Research Management. Some of the written manuscripts of Afghanistan’s intellectuals are about to destroy, and this unit is incumbent to restore these valuable masterpieces.

In order to fulfill the mission, the first step was to collect, proofread, edit and reprint all the works of the late Faiz Mohammad Kateb. Currently, the manuscripts of the late Kateb have been collected from various sources and researchers have started proofreading and editing this precious heritage. These collection of works belonging to the late Faiz Mohammad Kateb will be published, entitled “Siraj ul Tavarik” or “Lights of History” in 2016.

This unit has plans to conduct similar programs after completing the works of the late Kateb.

2. Working group on qualitative and quantitative research

This working group includes the leading scholars who possess the ability to conduct research in different fields of the humanities in qualitative and quantitative research designs. The group is ready to conduct research projects, requested by different institutions and governmental organizations, in accordance with international standards.

3. Working Group on Women Studies

Women Studies encounter serious challenges in Afghanistan. One of these challenges is the lack of localized measures of the status of women in Afghanistan. Another obstacle is lack of existence of a research team with talented women scholars.

The research team at Kateb University is made ​​up of educated women with experience in the field of women’s studies. Furthermore, the survey team comprises experienced women in the areas of field researches. The team can design a variety of research (qualitative and quantitative) and implement them based on scientific standards.

4. Working Group on Textbook Development

One of the major advantages of every educational institution is to develop instructional texts and instructional materials tailored to its own system. In this regard, the Textbook Development unit was established at Kateb University to meet the needs of the students of various disciplines. This unit includes the faculty members of the University. So far, numerous textbooks in medicine, law, and economics were prepared and published.

5. Working Group on Translation

Since the birth and the growth of new sciences are abroad; the translation of these texts into local languages will bring more productivity and opportunity for every citizen of the country. The Translation Unit has been established to deepen and broaden scientific heritage and academic resources for the scientific community. The group consists of experts with proficiency in foreign languages and adequate education and knowledge in the related professional field. The Research Management has brought professional translation in compliance with the literature of the local languages providing accurate and standard translation.

6. Working Group on Seminars and Scientific Meetings

One of the major competitive advantages of educational institutions is the intellectual capacity to interact and cooperative learning. Today, while reflecting, institutions are successful that are able to share their own experiences and insights from others (Individuals, groups, patterns, etc.) and make a difference in their own performances based on new insights. Kateb University has set up Working Group on Seminars and Scientific Meetings in order to promote and develop the capacity of community-based social interaction, learning and knowledge generation, among professors and intellectuals of the country as well as scientists from other countries. In this regard, the results were numerous meetings with Afghan universities and foreign universities at Kateb University.

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