Convocation Ceremony

On Friday 6th of April 2018, Kateb University held a commencement ceremony for its 7th graduating class of 2018. Around 400 student graduated with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law and Political Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Medical, Economics and Sociology.

In a message congratulating the class of 2018, the University Chancellor said, “It is indeed a very proud moment for all of us at Kateb. 400 students graduating at a time means that each of these students have a plan and vision for the future which means 400 new plans for sustainable development and betterment in Afghanistan. I congratulate these students.

I also congratulate the hard-working faculty members on this very proud moment that is the result of every minute they spent to build a better future for Afghanistan. These 400 are the future of Afghanistan.

With that, we are committed to providing quality higher education in the country for now and forever”.

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