Article by Mr. Mohammad Yasir Essar was published in another International Journal.

Another Achievement by Kateb Research Center!

A scientific article by Mr. Mohammad Yasir Essar, a researcher at Kateb Medical Center, entitled “Dengue amidst COVID-19 in India: The mystery of plummeting cases” in an ISI journal named “Journal of Medical Virology” with an impact factor of 2 (IF:2). It is worth mentioning that this article was published with the affiliation of Kateb University.


India has been fighting COVID‐19 for more than a year now, facing numerous difficulties and losses. The country’s health system, despite adversities owing to the lack of resources and trained professionals in the poorest regions, has proven to be efficient enough to bring down, over time, the growing trends of this disease. Channelling the available health resources to fight COVID‐19 seemed plausible and proved effective indeed. However, with the saturation of health resources and the justified intense heed towards COVID‐19, India is in danger of worsening the epidemiological profile of dengue in the country.

In recent years, dengue, an arbovirus transmitted by arthropods, has shown an increasing trend in the number of cases in the country, therefore requiring urgent public policies to curb the disease. However, in 2020, as the maximum capacity of health resources, such as hospitals, laboratory tests, labour, and epidemiological surveillance, was allocated to treat COVID‐19 cases, there was a major setback in terms of coping, diagnosis, and treatment of other diseases, including dengue.

Interested people can find the article here.

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