A Mutual Research between Kabul Medical University and Kateb University was published.

Another achievement of Kateb University!

Mutual research between Kabul Medical University and Kateb University was published in another international prestigious journal.

An ISI article by Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi, Dr. Shohra Qaderi, and Dr. Sharifeh Haghjoo entitled “Post-surgery cholesteatoma complicated by facial nerve paralysis: A case report from Afghanistan” was published in the journal of “International Journal of Surgery Case Reports”.



Cholesteatoma is a benign tumoral lesion of squamous epithelial cells in middle ear that can exist as congenital or acquired forms.

Presentation of cases

A 35-year-old housewife presented to ENT clinic of a private hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, with a complete facial nerve paralysis in the right side. In her antecedents, there is a tympanomastoidectomy due to chronic middle ear infection. First symptom was right side earache without any discharge. She started to notice a progressive nodule in the posterior-inferior side of her right ear. The patient was taken to the operating room. She underwent general anesthesia, an extensive cholesteatoma was removed, and a limited area of the fallopian canal in which facial nerve oedema or redness was evident. Post-operative House Brackmann grade was 1 on day 15 after the surgery.


Cholesteatoma is primarily managed surgically and currently there is no suitable medical substitute treatment strategy for cholesteatoma. Hearing improvement, making the ear dry and total omission of cholesteatoma are primary goals of surgical interventions in cholesteatoma management.


Cholesteatoma after surgical manipulations of middle ear is a rare complication with notable morbidity that has been reported almost from all around the world but our patient is the first reported case of cholesteatoma formation after surgical management of COM from Afghanistan that preseA Mutual Researchnted with facial nerve paralysis and hear decline.

Interested people can find the article here.

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