Afghanistan’s foreign policy in the era of Amanullah

Mohammad Akram Arifi1

1- Scientific Board Member of Kateb University, Kabul, Afghanistan1

Amanullah, the Independence King of Afghanistan, after gaining power in 1328, designed an independent foreign policy of “positive balance” for Afghanistan, with its prominent features: creating equal opportunities for the investment of all major powers, avoiding Joining military agreements with a special power, observing the principle of tension in regional politics, and striving for econ

omic and political development in the domestic arena as the main contributors to a positive balance policy. Amanollah’s foreign policy pursued principles and clear goals that were rooted in the idea of modernizing Afghanistan, such as achieving economic, scientific and technical growth. Achieving these goals forced Amanullah to pursue a policy free of tension with all the great powers. Amanullah’s positive balance policy approach paved the way for the co-sponsorship of the major European powers in Afghanistan.



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