Study of relationship between family factors and women suicidal thoughts in Kabul

Sayed Mohammad Ali Fateh1, Sayed Jafar Ahmadi2, Mohammad Amin Rashadat3

1- Graduated from Kateb Univesity, Kabul, Afghanistan, Corresponding Author1

2- Scientific Board Member of Kateb University, Kabul, Afghanistan

3- Professor at Kateb University, Kabul, Afghanistan

This research is a kind of Corolation investigations and it referred to the description and analysis of variables and data. The objective of this study is to check the relationship between family factors and balance of suicidal thoughts of women in Kabul city. Therefore, the Kabul women divided to five zones which are central, east, west, south and north zones. Afterwards, the printed questionnaires of couples’ conflicts, family violations and measurement of suicidal thoughts were issued to them thus; when the data and digits were collected they were analyzed and parsed by SPSS-16 software meanwhile, the results are described as following: The result of evaluations of solidarity test and Oryouns T Stutoon analysis shows that the family conflicts (lack of cooperation between couples, reducing of sexual interactions, increasing of emotional reactions, reducing of communications with relatives, uplifting of children supports and improving of individual relationship and separating of financial issues between couples). creates the negative effects on raising of suicidal thoughts to women or amid women. It should be mentioned that the family conflicts, family violation, compulsory marriage are a kind of suppositions which were tested by solidarity testing system and Oryouns T Stutoon analysis and the result shows that some negative effects of suicidal thoughts can be seen between them therefore; violence and family conflicts are the mean factors for creating the suicidal ideas to women. On the other hands, the compulsory marriages are connected to suicidal thoughts as well. It is mentionable that sort of the family (big or compound family, core or small family) has different relations on suicidal thoughts so it can be seen that huge family has more suicidal ideas based on its wide relationships, expectations, different values and variable factors. The relationship between daughter and son has been evaluated by Parson Solidarity testing system as well but no suicidal ideas could be seen. Furthermore, there wasn’t any point of suicidal ideas on marriage age and nothing was seen on family relations which could be meaningful or create the suicidal thoughts amid family.

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