Volumes 2

Kateb Quarterly, Scientific – Research Journal

The Kateb Quarterly Scientific Journal Volume 2, no. 2 was released in Spring 2015 and most of the researches are covered by Kateb Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Political Science. The Journal discusses a total of 9 topics.

Following is the list of research titles and authors:

Title Authors
Couple’s Financial Relations Regime in Afghanistan Law Dr. Ibrahim Rezaie
Criminal Policy-based Security for Crimes against the Security Dr. Ahmad Reza Sadeqi
Objectives and Functions of Hodood Punishment in Islam Dr. Eid Mohammad Ahmadi
Irreparable Damages in Afghanistan Law Dr. Abdul Khaliq Qasemi
Islamism and Secularization in Afghanistan Dr. Abulfazl Fasihi
Afghanistan Political Culture in the Mirror of Persian Adages Shah Mahmood Jafari
Political Thoughts and its Scopes Zamen Ali Habibi Face of Power
The Idea of Human Dignity by George Kateb Translated by Hossain Hasrat
Pathology of Democracy in Afghanistan Dr. Zakia Adeli




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