Volume 4, No. 5 Spring 2017

Kateb Quarterly, Scientific – Research Journal

Volume no. 4, No. 5

The Kateb Quarterly Scientific Journal Volume 4, no. 5 was released in summer 2017 and most of the researches are covered by Kateb Faculty of Economics. The Journal Discuss a total of 10 topics by authors from Faculty members and students.

Following is the list of research titles and authors:

Title Authors
An Estimation of Household Electricity Demand’s Function in Kabul City (1388 – 1390) Hossain Ali Karimi, Alireza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
The Impact of Openness on Economic Growth in selected Asian Countries: Panel empirical investigation (2002 – 2015) Ahmad Shah Yaqubi, Alireza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
The Relationship Between Corruption and Economic Growth in SAARC Member States Esrafil Vaqif, Ali Reza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
The Effect of Direct Foreign Investment on Exports of ECO Countries (2002 – 2012) Mohammad Zahin Nadim, Alireza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
Analyzing the Effect of Bank Facilities on Private Sector Investment: Experience of the Selected Asian Countries (HPAEs) Najibullah Arshad, Saied Samadi, Karim Azarbaijani
An Investigating of the Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth in Afghanistan and Neighboring Countries.  Atefeh Nazari, Sayed Kazim Hossaini, Najibullah Arshad
The Factors Affecting the Flow of Foreign Direct Investment (With emphasis on Afghanistan) Mohammad Amin Askary, Mohsen Alvandi, Roohullah Bayat
An Evaluating of Effect of Monetary Policies on Trade  Balance Selected Countries from Asia & Africa (2015 – 2004) Mohammad Hussain Hamdil, Ali Reza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
An Evaluating the Effect of Trade Liberalization on the Human Development Index of Selected Developing Countries. Mohammad Salim Nori, Alireza Mohseni, Najibullah Arshad
The Most Influential Factors on Costumers’ Satisfaction in Skin and Beauty Clinics Narjes Zafari, Sara Hasanzadeh, Mojtaba Dadras

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