One of the main reasons behind the success of the developed countries is their work in the fields of research and scientific observation. Innovation in knowledge has helped them decrease illiteracy and have reasonable and applicable predictions about the future. Distribution of result and research findings can increase the level of knowledge and information of other communities, and also introduce writers and researchers to the society. Today, one of the standards of scientific categorizing is the statistics of researches conducted and scientific works published in that specific country and that is because of the importance of research and distribution of scientific works hold. With due attention to this matter, Kateb University has always remained curious and paid attention to research and distribution of scientific work findings of its professors. Strategic planning is now based on research findings. Kateb University has always strived to work to increase society’s knowledge, beside student’s empowerment and for that purpose Scientific Researches Management was established.

Lack of teaching materials and resources for students is one of the biggest problems of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in Afghanistan. Number of universities and higher educational organizations, number of new majors are increasing with the passage of time. Because publishing culture has not improved in Afghanistan, students find it hard having access to standard educational resources and materials. Kateb University’s Scientific Researches Management tries to support instructors and writers in publishing of their works to provide standardized teaching material to universities and higher education institutions by establishing the Publication Unit.

The result of these efforts is publishing of text books, magazines and journals. Up to now, two periodicals, one Human Rights Journal, and around (20) textbooks have been published by Kateb University. It is expected that in the near future, more textbooks, scientific journals and periodicals are to be published by the Unit.

List of Books and Authors

No Name Author
 1  Integrated Environmental Management  Dr. Abbas Basir

Medical Microbiology (1)

Rohullah Roien

3  Basic Pathology  Dr. Zabihullah Iqbal
4  Applied Statistics (1)  Dr. Syed Jafar Ahmadi

Cell Biology

 Dr. Mohammad Arif Ataie (MD)
6  Medical Biochemistry (1)  Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi
7  Human Rights and Islam (Translation)  Abdul Aziz Noori, Abdullah Muhammadi, Mohammad Hussain Hasrat, Ali Ahmadi
8  Human Rights (Second Edition)  Abdul Aziz Noori
9  Clinical Pharmacology  Rohullah Roein

Organ Systems Pathology (2)

Dr. Zabihullah Iqbal (MD)


Organ Systems Pathology (1)

Dr. Zabihullah Iqbal (MD)


Medical Microbiology

Rohullah Roein


Medical Biochemistry 1

Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi


Postcolonial Situation and Multiplicity of Afghanistan Constitution Law

Zakia Adeli (Ph.D)


Civil Liability (Second Edition)

Abdul Khaliq Qasemi


Physiology 1

Dr. Zabihullah Iqbal


Physiology 2

Dr. Zabihullah Iqbal


Pharmacology 1 and 2

Ruhollah Roein


General Histology

Dr. Mohaqeq


Specific Histology

Dr. Mohaqeq


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